Long-term fitness exercise, what medicine and nutrition should you take?

Many young people today are very fond of fitness. Proper exercise can not only relieve fatigue, relieve stress, but also relax people’s bodies, and through fitness can make their body lines more perfect, fitness is very physical, so it is necessary to eat. Nutritionally enhanced.
What nutrients do you need to eat for fitness?

1. Water
The human body will lose 1000-2000 ml of water in one hour of exercise, so replenish water in time. For example, drink a large glass of water before exercise, or drink a small amount of water during exercise.

2. Vitamin C
Vitamin C can be excreted from sweat, and once the body is deficient, free radical damage caused by exercise is prone to occur. Supplementing vitamin C in time before exercise will help detoxify your body and protect your organs from damage.

3. B vitamins
Vitamin B family is also a component that dissolves in water. Once it is deficient, the response will be slow, the nerves will be easily fatigued, and the fatigue or injury caused by exercise will not be easy to recover. Supplementation is required.

4. Potassium/Sodium
Intense exercise makes you sweat, many minerals will be lost with sweat, mainly potassium and sodium, a large amount of sodium is stored in the body, and sodium is also easily replenished from food; potassium content in the body is relatively low, exercise Before and after, you need to pay attention to choosing fruits and vegetables with a high potassium/sodium ratio to eat.

5. Zinc
Zinc is another element that can be lost from sweat and urine. Zinc is very important for health, and the body needs to ensure that there is enough zinc. Oysters, rhizomes, etc. contain more zinc, and comprehensive supplements can also be taken.

news_img046. Manganese/Cr/V
All three are good for insulin synthesis and balance blood sugar. The following foods contain: grapes, mushrooms, cauliflower, apples, peanuts, etc. No additional supplements are required.
The essence of whey protein powder is glutamine, which is a relatively common amino acid. It has been used in hospitals to help restore and maintain muscle mass. It has only become popular among athletes as a supplement in recent years.
Muscle cells have the strongest ability to absorb glutamine. You can increase the storage capacity in muscles by adding 8 to 20 grams to the drink. When muscle cells absorb glutamine, water and glycogen are also absorbed together. Therefore, the expansion of the muscle will increase accordingly, which is its muscle-building effect.
Using glutamine, creatine or carbohydrates in poor physical condition can expand muscle cell lysis, allowing them to hold more water and thus maintain a decent rate under adverse conditions.
Glutamine also reduces muscle damage by having a swelling effect on liver and muscle cells, which means that the best time to take glutamine is when the body is challenged, such as during surgery, illness or trauma, and Dieting, overtraining and sleep disturbance, 14 grams a day for two days is suitable for people who want to promote muscle growth through high-intensity exercise.

Post time: Oct-21-2022