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Introduction to Somaglutide

Somaglutide is a new generation of GLP-1 (glucagon like peptide-1) analog developed by Daminol and NovoNordisk. Somaglutide is a long-acting dosage form developed based on the basic structure of Lilalutide, which has a better effect on the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Novo Nordisk has completed 6 PChemicalbookbaseIIIa studies on Somaglutide injection, and submitted a new drug registration application for weekly injection of Somaglutide to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on December 5, 2016, as well as a marketing authorization application (MAA) to the European Drug Administration (EMA). On the other hand, the once daily oral preparation of Somaglutide is currently in clinical phase III.



Somaglutide is a long-acting dosage form developed based on the basic structure of liraglutide, which has better effect in the treatment of type 2 diabetes.


Semeglutide is a new GLP-1 analog that is injected subcutaneously once a week. Somaglutide is a long-acting GLP-1 analog developed by Novo Nordisk for one time/w subcutaneous injection. Compared with liraglutide, Somaglutide has a longer fat chain and increased hydrophobicity. However, Somaglutide is modified with short chain PEG, and its hydrophilicity is greatly enhanced. After PEG modification, it can not only closely combine with albumin, cover up the hydrolysis site of DPP-4 enzyme, but also reduce renal excretion, prolong the biological half-life and achieve the effect of long cycle. Novo Nordisk’s Somaglutide hanged DPP-4′s Sigliptin, and GLP-1′s originator, long-acting exenatide (it should be designed to compete head to head with Lily’s trucity. Bullying has been on the market for a long time). In the experiment, the high dose of Somicalbook decreased A1C1.6%, and the maximum weight loss was 6 kg. Somaglutide was used to investigate the efficacy and safety of 1.0mg Somaglutide compared with 2.0mg Exenatide once a week in 813 patients with type 2 diabetes. The trial period was 56 weeks, and patients took 1-2 anti diabetes drugs orally at the same time. In December 2017, FDA officially approved the weekly GLP-1 hypoglycemic drug Somaglutide developed by NovoNordisk to be marketed under the trade name Ozempic. According to clinical trial data, Ozempic can reduce HbA1c level compared with placebo, Januvia of Merck, Bydureon of AstraZeneca and Lantus of Sanofi. The drug also showed the ability to help patients lose weight.


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